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to indigent people accused of crimes.





The mission of the Grants Division is to effectively plan for and seek funding through grants and/or other available resources. The grants division is responsible for identifying opportunities for grant support that augment valuable, competent and accountable operations in order to best serve our clients. A fundamental resource regarding public and private grant resources, the grants division assists circuit public defender in identifying local partnerships and available resources that improve the delivery of services to the clients we serve. The grants division assists in preparing funding applications on behalf of the circuit public defender, as well as monitoring reports to ensure federal, state and local compliance of grant awards. 

Current Grant Opportunities

Deadline Date – April 27, 2017/4:00 pm EST

Deadline Date – May 2, 2017/4:00 pm EST

Deadline Date – May 9, 2017/4:00 pm EST

FY 2017 Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program<> funding opportunity. This program supports innovative cross-system collaboration to improve responses and outcomes for individuals with mental illness who come into contact with the juvenile or adult justice system.  Please share with those interested. Apply by: April 4, 2017.